DS Datentechnik und Softwareentwicklung Müftahi GmbH

Information technology for foils, packaging und paper

Our solution for paper finishing

  • Administration of patterns with colours, printing cylinders, plates and printing data
  • Administration of printing forms
  • Detailed determination of performance
  • Repeat calculation of excess requirements
  • Colour formulae
  • Standard and extrusion laminating

  • Colour kitchen independent of job
  • Multiple layer coatings with administration of adhesives, varnishes and primer formulae

  • Calculation of wet and dry weights
  • Metallisation
  • Record of rolls for each working operation

  • Evaluation of rolls
  • Traceability of material
  • Administration of batches

  • Roll cutting capacity
  • Equipment set-up according to mother roll and operation roll
  • Horizontal roll identification

  • B-to-B data exchange with the chemicals branch
  • Accompaniment to ensure quality from start to certificate
  • Integration in the electronic production control centre

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